Druze Clues

“We are bad people, but we can be worse”
-Druze Motto

Spoiler Alert: It’s about to get worse.


This army should not be thought of as a Variant of Qapu Khalki. While it’s true they have many troops in common,  the Druze Sectorial is a completely new animal in Infinity. That’s a worthy achievement when you’re talking about adding the 25th faction to a game that’s been around for more than a decade.

Here’s a quick list of the changes to troops you may be familiar with from other armies.

Authorized Bounty Hunters

Regular (ISS version)
Gain Red Fury profile

Bashi Bazouk

Gain Specialist Operative Profile

Druze Shock Teams

The Druze Shock teams have an entirely new set of profiles with so few similarities it’s not worth comparing them in depth. There are other weapon changes, but here’s the big ones:

  • All profiles gain Viral Pistols
  • Both Hackers gain pitchers
  • Spitfire replaced with HMG
  • LGL gains Nimbus and E/M

Entirely new profiles

  • Shock marksman Rifle
  • Multi Sniper with Mimetism
  • Paramedic with X visor & combi
  • Fireteam: haris with X visor & combi
  • Lieutenant with X visor & Combi


Gains HMG profile (Also added to MRRF)

Scarface & Cordelia

Designation is ‘Private’
Scarface: HRL replaces Panzerfaust
Joe Turner: Boarding Shotgun replaced Light Shotgun

Saito Togan

Gains Specialist Operative Profile


Authorized Bounty Hunters

  • Regular version has Duo

Valerya Gromoz

  • Valerya can join any Fireteam of the Druze Sectorial
    (This is similar to Arslan, but allows Valerya to join Brawler Duo or Brawler Haris, which Arslan cannot. It’s currently unclear if she can displace a member of Scarface/Cordelia to join that duo; TOs should be prepared to make a judgement call on it.)


  • All have Duo
  • Haris Profile
  • Special: up to 3 Brawlers can join a Druze Fireteam

Druze Shock Teams

  • All have Core and Duo
  • Haris Profile
  • Special: up to 3 Brawlers can join a Druze Fireteam: Core
  • Special: a Druze Fireteam Core, containing not more than 1 Brawler, can includea Clipper Dronbot

Security Chief Arslan

  • Arslan counts as a Druze for fireteam composition

Scarface & Cordelia

  • Duo


Hack the World

This army has a lot of repeaters. That signifies a couple of things. First, the ability to hack offensively without needing to spend many orders on movement. The hunzakut in particular, as a skirmisher with deployable repeaters and mines is tremendous. Backing him up with a web of repeaters deployed from pitchers, along with mech deployed peacemakers, and even Nomads start to get a little jealous. (though actual Nomad hacking power is still unmatched)

Second is the ability of this army to really support a forward acting TAG. One of the few places a TAG can really operate without much fear of hacking is by staying close to a repeater. While it’s certainly true that an enemy hacker will still be unopposed if he attempts to possess your TAG, threatening him with a KHD ARO that will also be unopposed is a very strong deterrent to his attempt. And if you have a hacker ready with Exorcise ready, he’ll likely not bother trying.

It’s interesting (to me at least) that this web of repeaters comes along with improvements to the long range guns on both Scarface and the Anaconda. Which makes Druze TAG tactics much more flexible than they might look at first glance.

Pick ‘n’ Mix Fireteams is the New Normal

If you’re like me and you’ve been playing this game for awhile, you might still be struggling to get your head around all the fireteam possibilities.

(I’m still frustrated by the fireteam notation in Army 6 sometimes, but that’s a subject for another article.)

Let’s look at the elephant in the drop ship: You can add a Clipper Dronbot to your Druze team. Missile launchers have been in fireteams for a long time, so nothing new there. If you can find a Shasvastii player, you might be able to get some tips on moving a 6-4 trooper around with a fireteam of 4-2s. Spoiler: it’s awkward.

You cannot, repeat: cannot, benefit from any mods on a Guided shot other than the +6 BS for the Targeted state, which is also a requirement for taking the shot, so it hardly feels like a bonus. This means no fireteam bonuses at all. No burst, no BS mod, no exceptions. This question will be asked, but this is the answer.

And that answer begs the question, why would you ever put the smart missile in the fireteam? The answer is that all Guided Missiles come from Smart Missile launchers, but not all shots from Smart Missile launchers are Guided. The SML has an ‘Auto-Aim’ mode which has 2 advantages over a normal missile fired from a non-Smart ML. First, it has no range penalty inside 8 inches, and since you’re not firing a guided shot, it most definitely can gain fireteam bonuses. The second advantage is situational to be sure, but for extremely high ARM targets AP+DA is better than EXP. You do lose the ability to fire without a template. Only the normal ML has ‘Hit mode’.

Druze Suck at Hunting Party, Don’t They?

They don’t get any free glue guns. That’s true. Though it’s still unclear if the troop classification on the Druze Shock Team is correct. (They’re Veterans in Haqqislam, Mercenaries in Bayram) UPDATE: Druze Shock Teams and Arslan are now classified as ‘Veteran’ as well as having the VL1 skill. 

Take a look at Arslan, you’ll see what a really big deal he is in Hunting party.

He’s a LT who has Veteran L1. He cannot be isolated. So your opponent must either immobilize him or kill him. Killing isn’t a great option either, since you likely have plenty of Veteran L1 Druze around to replace him with.

If you choose not to use him as a LT, then he still has his MSV 1, BS of 13 and a Multirifle. Combined with his Fatality skill, he’s probably top 10 of all troops in the game if you want to put a target into a Hunted Down state, top 5 if he’s in a link team.

Now let’s move on to one of the nastiest Hunting tools in the game. The Druze LGL with X-Visor. Weighing in at a mere 27/0.5, this fellow has very few peers in Hunting party.  being able to Isolate with a template is dangerous enough (You may have heard tell of the legendary Ghazi Muttawi’ahs) but to being able to fire those grenades from a launcher is a feat only 1 other troop can do.

But wait, there’s more. The Druze LGL packs Nimbus ammo as well. So if you absolutely positively have to get something Isolated (If you were say, playing a mission that required you to do so to score points) applying a Nimbus zone to your target before speculative fire would double the usual Dodge penalty from -3 to -6.






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  1. Joe Scarface says:

    Scarface, and Cordy are Duo-able ^^^


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