Outrage Fancasting Contest!

UPDATE: Our winner is Greg Strom! Come back tomorrow to see his winning entry…



All entries will be judged by my wife and Corvus Belli’s own Koni, aka Carlos Morales!

My wife is a highschool teacher and will be merciless with the rubric below. She has read Outrage, and recommends looking at her tumblr if you want to know how she will judge your entries. http://amyelizabeth.tumblr.com/. (She suggests that you send her fanfic as a bribe. She doesn’t care what kind.)

Your entry should be made here: theComlog.com Outrage Casting Contest

Originality: 0-12 points

My wife loves Stranger Things, but if you cast Millie Bobbie Brown as Uhahu, my wife will go “Awwwww!” and give you a low score for originality.

Creativity: 0-12 points

Did you recast a male character as a woman? Change a character’s age or ethnicity? Protip: No one said the actors have to be living or even actors! If your list is crazy but super-interesting, you’ll score points here!

Likeness: 0-12 points

The face is important!

Photos: 6 Bonus points

If your entry includes photos (size 200×300 please) you’ll get an extra 6 points.

Here’s my list, I can’t wait to see what you come up with!


Alexa Davalos

as Emily Handleman

You’ve should have seen her in The Man in the High Castle and Chronicles of Riddick.

Keith David

as Admiral Crowne

Hey, I’m never going to get a Mass Effect movie so I’ll take my Admiral Anderson here.


Michael Rapaport

as Herbert

TV’s favorite knuclehead.


Vincent Cassel

as Knauf

Look at Vincent Cassel. Now look at Knauf. Now look at Cassel again. Now look at Knauf again.

Yeah, you see it.


Kevin James

as Jerry the Idiot

Ok, maybe Michael Rapaport is TV’s second favorite knucklehead.


Andy Lau

as The Ambassador

Two Words: Infernal Affairs.


Conan Stevens

as Domovoi

If you have no idea who this guy is, rewatch season one of Game of Thrones. Hint: he’s a Clegane.


Osric Chau

as Nakadai

Yes I watch Supernatural. What of it?


Zoe Kravitz

as Beba

She’s amazing. X-men: First Class and Mad Max: Fury Road and probably some other movies that don’t colons in the titles too.


Dafne Keen

as Uhahu

James Chauvaux gave me 0 Originality for this pick, but I decided to go with it anyway. She made me cry real tears in Logan, so she’s my Uhahu forever.


Walton Goggins

as Jethro

All my audacity is in this pick. I can’t say more because #spoilers…


DJ Khalid

as Iblis

My creative pick. He’s not an actor that I know of, but I think he’s perfect!

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