Organizer Profile: Dan Barnaby

I don’t know if he’s the mad scientist or the weirdo that throws the switch, but the monstrous beast that is the Rumble on Route 66 doesn’t come to life without this man…


What’s your name? Dan Barnaby
What’s your forum nickname? Crushar
Where do you live? Albuquerque, New Mexico
What is your favorite Lieutenant profile? Veteran Kazak with AP HMG
Describe a mission or special rule you’d like to see added to ITS Love terrain rules. Anything that makes people get out of the usual missions and out of their comfort zones.
Favorite mission, as a player? Love me some Rescue…
How did you organize your first Infinity event? By accident and poorly I’m sure
How do you arrange terrain for your events? We love terrain here. So we like dense tables.
How do you choose missions? Almost randomly. Sometimes easy missions but more often then not, missions that make you think.
How do you decide on mission sequence? I don’t worry about that too much unless we need objective rooms
Favorite mission, as a TO? Did I mention Rescue? The tears of the players warm my heart…

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