Organizer Profile: Mike Stevens

One of the geniuses behind the I-4 Invasion.


What’s your name? Mike Stevens
What’s your forum nickname? axegun
Where do you live? Orlando, FL
What is your favorite Lieutenant profile? Rasail Boarding Team with Viral Combi.
Describe a mission or special rule you’d like to see added to ITS The ability to deactivate Symbiomates/symbiobombs.
Favorite mission, as a player? Engineering Deck
How did you organize your first Infinity event? I ran an achievements based escalation league at our local store.
How do you arrange terrain for your events? Our store has enough terrain for several tables and most of our local players have at least one table themselves if we need more.
How do you choose missions? I try to balance missions based on what we don’t see too often and what would work well with a two list format – I.e. Killy missions vs objective missions.
How do you decide on mission sequence? Usually based around lunch. Don’t want people playing complicated missions after they’re full and food tired.
Favorite mission, as a TO? Capture and protect.

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