Community Profile: Crushar


What’s your name? Dan Barnaby
What’s your forum nickname? Crushar
Where do you live? Albuquerque, New Mexico
What non-Infinity games do you play? (tabeltop, video games, phone games, anything) There are other games?
What’s your first sci-fi memory? Space Opera RPG
How do you describe your hobbies to non-gamers? “Yes, I play with little metal men. Yes, I paint them like he did in 40 year old virgin. Screw you! It keeps me out of the bars!”
Are you into music? What kind? Ska, Alternative, Rock
You get to cast your favorite character in the Infinity movie. Who is it, and who will you cast in the role? William Fookin Wallace.
And Ben Affleck. Why? Why not.
If you could choose 1 element of science fiction technology or society and make it real today, what would you choose? Interstellar travel. I want to leave here…
Do you speak or read Spanish? Nope
Favorite non-sci-fi book? If it’s not Sci Fi, I usually read books pertaining to history. WW 2 is always a good read to me

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