Organizer Profile: Dave, Nomad Fixer

Today’s TO Profile introduces Infinity O.G. and Ohio Warcor-at-large, Dave aka Cervantes3773.


What’s your name? Dave, Nomad Fixer
What’s your forum nickname? Cervantes3773
Where do you live? Cincinnati, Ohio
What is your favorite Lieutenant profile? Intruder or Mobile Brigada
Describe a mission or special rule you’d like to see added to ITS Honestly, my only idea is for maybe 4 or 5 round scenarios. I think at certain times, we could do a lot more with just one or two more rounds
Favorite mission, as a player? I’m a sucker for Quadrant Control/Supremacy. I also like Engineering Deck.
How did you organize your first Infinity event? Uh, in person/by email? That was 7 years ago.
How do you arrange terrain for your events? Each table owner sets up their table, then I review them to ensure that there is no overwhelming imbalance on any table.
How do you choose missions? Something different from my last event. So Direct Ops, then Spec Ops, I try not to repeat scenarios.
How do you decide on mission sequence? I try to start with scenarios with the tightest OP variance, so that there’s no clear lead after round 1, and end with the widest OP variance, so it ends with a clear winner.
Favorite mission, as a TO? Show of Force, because it created a lot of tense moments last time I ran it.

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