Organizer Profile: Erik J


What’s your name? Erik J
What’s your forum nickname? Lykum
Where do you live? Denver, CO
What is your favorite Lieutenant profile? Hidden cheerleader
Describe a mission or special rule you’d like to see added to ITS
Favorite mission, as a player? Firefight
How did you organize your first Infinity event? Agreed to help a friend with a con. Got suckered into running the Infinity tournament by myself.
How do you arrange terrain for your events? I keep each table worth of terrain in a separate rubbermaid bin.
How do you choose missions? Usually try for two favorites, and one that mixes it up.
How do you decide on mission sequence? If a mission requires a bunch of objective placement or an objective room, I try to do those first so they can be set up with the initial terrain.
Favorite mission, as a TO? Anything straightforward.

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