Organizer Profile: Duncan Wright

Today’s profile is the man behind the Battle for the Bayou, Infinity O.G. Duncan Wright


What’s your name? Duncan Wright
What’s your forum nickname? Dude
Where do you live? Houston, TX USA
What is your favorite Lieutenant profile? The Kempeitai 🙂
Describe a mission or special rule you’d like to see added to ITS Orbital strike, like Sol from Akira.
Favorite mission, as a player? Supremacy. Simple and effective.
How did you organize your first Infinity event? Manually?
How do you arrange terrain for your events? Yes. At the very last I review all tables.
How do you choose missions? I pick missions I believe produce the highest chance of narrow victories. I think close battles are more enjoyable than trouncings – for both parties.
How do you decide on mission sequence? I save the most challenging missions for last.
Favorite mission, as a TO? Supremacy. Simple and effective.

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