NOTE: ITS Season 8 Post

As always, the breakdowns and advice for this mission assume equivalent player skill and roughly even dice luck.  

Supplies, MothaF#$%@!

Supplies is rightfully considered a classic of ITS.

Supplies is the classic button pushing mission, with a scoring mechanic that keys on that most dreaded of rolls: the single-die WIP. 


Tech Coffins and Supply Boxes

Very basic, no interactions other than a +3 WIP bonus for Paramedics and Doctors attempting to open the Coffins.


Tech Coffins

The mission specifies that the Tech Coffin ‘Marker’ is removed after the supply box roll is successful. If you’re using a piece of terrain for the Tech Coffins, there’s no reason to feel that you must have players pull them off the table, particularly if you’re counting on not having to move those objectives for the next mission in your event.

If you are using a piece of terrain, removing it can create really gamey situations where a trooper passes a WIP roll on the Tech Coffin and is suddenly revealed to enemies!


It’s not really possible to ‘lock’ a major victory, since the boxes can change hands and the points go with them. The most flexible strategy is to claim 2 of the 3 boxes and try to complete a classified. 2 boxes and 1 classified is the same score as 3 boxes and no classifieds, but your opponent cannot take your classified points away from you.  The chart below isn’t comprehensive, it’s presented just to help visualize the strategy of taking 2 boxes instead of 3.

# of boxes you control at game end

Your Score



1+3 if opponent has 0





Once you take 2 boxes, leave a box unclaimed. If you can make that box more attractive than taking a box from you, you have baited a trap. If your opponent takes the bait (the unclaimed box) the score changes from 5-0 to 5-1. Not much difference. It’s possible that your opponent will have enough orders to do both. You should endeavor to make that not happen. 

Try to ensure that whatever coffin is closest to your HVT has its supply box removed early in the game. A late game box grab + secure HVT could allow your opponent to steal the win from you or turn a Major Victory into a minor one.


Interestingly, it is possible to get a major victory in this mission without including any specialists in your list. This plan is to allow your opponent to remove boxes from the coffins, and then using your active turn to take them away. This strategy is not for the faint of heart, but it can be very effective.


Enemy TO and AD troopers will be your primary concern. The boxes are never safe and the closer an enemy can get to them without suffering AROs, the more danger they are in. Hidden deployment and AD are the hardest things to guard against, so prepare early and well.


In this mission, the best way to stop your opponent from getting a major is to try to take his win away from him.

If your opponent has 2 boxes and you have none, bypass the unclaimed box and go right for one of your opponent’s controlled boxes. It will be risky, but claiming the unclaimed box will not affect the score much. By taking one of your opponent’s 2 boxes, you change the score from 0-5 to 1-1 and are positioned to steal a victory.

If you absolutely cannot get one of your opponent’s boxes, then take the unclaimed box AND complete your classified objectives.


Plan on needing to gunfight or smoke as you approach to the objectives. Supplies is a classic ‘button masher’ mission, it is possible to win without a single shot being fired. (though enemy snipers probably won’t allow that)

There’s no exclusion zone in this mission, so make the most of your army’s troopers with Airborne Deployment and Infiltration, particularly Doctors and Paramedics.


You really can choose to go first or to go second. If you go first, you’ll likely deploy first. So in addition to getting the alpha strike, your deployable weapons will have first crack at the mission-critical midfield. If you are taking the first turn, consider deploying your HVT very close to one of the boxes. Potentially, you will be able to take a box and sync with your HVT. Since you’re already headed back to your Deployment zone with the supply box, you might as well bring your HVT along for the ride and complicate your opponent’s classifieds.

If you’re not going the infiltrator/AD route, your list is much likely better suited to taking the second turn.  Counter-deploy if you can, but do be careful, as it can backfire on you if you put valuable troopers like link leaders or high burst guns in harm’s way. Like many things in infinity, you’ll have to weigh risk and reward carefully.  You will also control the final active turn if you go second. That’s an advantage that can’t be overstated.


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