Community Profile: Cervantes3773


What’s your name? Dave, Lord of Cincinnati
What’s your forum nickname? Cervantes3773
Where do you live? Cincinnati, Ohio
What non-Infinity games do you play? (tabeltop, video games, phone games, anything) PC games (love Resident Evil, Borderlands, STALKER), Nintendo (Fire Emblem, Zelda, Pokemon), board games (Eldritch Horror, Twilight Imperium)
What’s your first sci-fi memory? Star Wars with my dad and brother
How do you describe your hobbies to non-gamers? I play games and roleplay
Are you into music? What kind? Just about all of it. Yeah, really.
You get to cast your favorite character in the Infinity movie. Who is it, and who will you cast in the role? Timothy Olyphant as an Intruder.
If you could choose 1 element of science fiction technology or society and make it real today, what would you choose? World peace.
Do you speak or read Spanish? Si.
Favorite non-sci-fi book? Good question – a lot of what I read is sci-fi/fantasy. Maybe How to Live Safely In a Science Fictional Universe? Which I don’t really consider a sci-fi book…

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