Organizer Profile: Joel Traveller

Introducing Joel Traveller, organizer and tournament judge for Infinity at the  Las Vegas Open!


What’s your name? Joel Traveller
What’s your forum nickname? RattlerNxt
Where do you live? Oakland, CA
What is your favorite Lieutenant profile? Barid Hacker
Describe a mission or special rule you’d like to see added to ITS I like Dark Ages Progressive Classified Deck where you draw new classifieds as you complete them troughout the game.
Favorite mission, as a player? Firefight – It has button pushing and killing and you get hilarious upgrades. This is my go-to mission for new players.
How did you organize your first Infinity event? Just did it. I have been around the TO community for a long time and run some larger 40k tourneys so, I just did it.
How do you arrange terrain for your events? I like to design my tournaments to force players t think as much as possible so I add terrain elements and varying terrain density across the tourney. I like to use as much of the terrain rules as possible throughout the tournament. So while not every table needs terrain rules, most will have a smattering. I find a lot of folks from other metas dont know what to do with non-linear terrain and thats unfortunate because they can realy benefit MSV1 and terrain troops, that on a standard box-table, pay for skills they dont gain utility from. I also have verrying density tables across my tournament. So some boards will be Euro, some US, and one or two Corridors. I think that not only does this represent more interesting narrative play, but it insentivizes people to build lists along a terrain-dependent criterion, not just making a list for mission and maybe one for Camo spam. If you brought all these long-range pieces and are randomly assigned a corridor table, well, good ting the rifle is so ubiquitous because thats gonna get your work done on that table. It’s not meant to be a spoiler, but is meant to force you to react to the board conditions. We all become comfortable with our go-to pieces and this shakes that up.
How do you choose missions? I like button-pushing missions. Killing is organic to the game simply due to the resource management nature of the mechanics. Button pushing rewards focus and forces tough decisions on players. Do I try to push this button now or do I kill that monster over there first?
How do you decide on mission sequence? After a lot of feedback, and watching players physically get annihilated standing for 8 hours, I go with a warm-up difficulty mission, something like supplies or something that everyone knows how to play. Then if its lunch, we come back and do Rescue or something just mind-blowing. If its before lunch, maybe i do another mission that is a bit more mentally challenging like Safe Area or Cold Sleep. Then I do the mission that burns synapses after they eat. But usually, I do one mission, then lunch, then Hard Mode, then something that is a little easier than hard mode to wind down like Tic Tac Toe or something. I try to match the mission to where I see folks physically at throughout the tournament.
Favorite mission, as a TO? Rescue – You have to really think. It is a mission that rewards careful list building, boldness of action through AD or trying to infiltrate across the mid-field, and people have great stories at the end of it. It is always a memorable experience. I also like Tic Tac Toe as a filler mission because its two games in one!

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