CULTURECLASH: The Expanse on Syfy

OK, if you’ve ever been around me for more than 2 minutes, you know I love the Expanse. In fact, I threw some of you off intentionally by making the first CultureClash post about Humans instead. Gotcha!

The Expanse is a sprawling 9-novel series set about 200 years from now, in a hard sci-fi future where humanity has taken its first steps into space. First contact with alien life shatters the fragile peace between the social factions vying for economic supremacy …

Sound familiar?

Oh, did I mention there’s a multi-ethnic group of spacers who have formed their own political structure and are fighting the two major powers for equality and independence?


Read it, watch it, whatever. If you love Infinity, you’ll love The Expanse.

image to the left is concept art from the tv show’s development, featuring a crewman of the Pur N Kleen water-hauling ship The Canterbury, failing to drink coffee in zero G.

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  1. jvvrhovacjvrhovac says:

    Started listening on Audible and really enjoying it. Yhis my go to listening once I’ve listened through Mayacast and Remote Presence.


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