Community Profile: Dude


What’s your name? Duncan Wright
What’s your forum nickname? Dude
Where do you live? Houston, TX USA
What non-Infinity games do you play? (tabeltop, video games, phone games, anything) I tend to go with depth over breadth, so I’m very involved with few games.
Metal Gear Solid series.
Old School Final Fantasy games (playing Brave Exvius on my phone nowadays).
Red Dragon Inn.
What’s your first sci-fi memory? Probably Star Trek TNG. My first sci-fi gaming memories are reading Battletech sourcebooks.
How do you describe your hobbies to non-gamers? Playing with toy soldiers šŸ™‚ It’s obvious that’s what we’re doing, so I won’t pretend that’s not what it is at its basest level.
Are you into music? What kind? I’ve never really developed the skills to explore and appreciate music. I’m only exposed to music because the people around me do that for me.
That being said, these are my favorite artists:
Deltron 3030
Florence and the Machine
whoever remixes/recomposed Final Fantasy music
… And others I know I’m forgetting.
You get to cast your favorite character in the Infinity movie. Who is it, and who will you cast in the role? Musashi, quite obviously. However, I don’t know Japanese actors well enough to cast someone comparable to Toshiro Mifune.
If you could choose 1 element of science fiction technology or society and make it real today, what would you choose? Experiential simulation. Kinda like the Matrix or Inception. I think this is key to honing/reforming conscious entities.
Do you speak or read Spanish? No šŸ˜¦
Favorite non-sci-fi book? This is too hard, despite my limited experience in literature.
I’ll say Shriek, by Jeff Vandermeer. If I’m gonna be honest, I need to admit that I prefer “weird” over “high tech”.

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