NOTE: ITS Season 8 Post

As always, the breakdowns and advice for this mission assume equivalent player skill and roughly even dice luck.  

Welcome to Reverse-Football…

…where everyone is desperately trying to get out of the endzone.


There are 4 special rules for Biotechvore: Biotechvore, Confused Deployment, Killing and No Quarter. Killing serves to define how to score enemy and friendly casualties. No Quarter has a passive but important function: making sure that the last order counts.

Biotechvore Area

The biotechvore area only affects active troopers at the end of the active player’s turn. A trooper that survives the area at the end of your first turn will not have to roll again until the end of your second turn.

Confused Deployment

Infiltrators get a sort of ‘helping backhand’ from this mission. First up they have to roll no matter what, even if not going past 24”. However, if they fail, they can deploy anywhere in the deployment zone, rather than getting stuck on the table edge.


Killed or Dead?

Sharpen your scissors, because we’re about to split some hairs. ‘Killed’ refers to troopers who are Dead or in a Null state at end of game. ‘Dead’ is just a game state that’s common to all games of Infinity. The difference is small, but important. Your troopers only need 1 foot in the grave, not both, in order to count as Killed.


The comments about Baggage in the Annihilation breakdown apply to Biotechvore apply here as well.

Confusing Deployment

The Confused Deployment rule is not the clearest thing in the world. We’ve tried to break it down in the tables below to make it a little clearer exactly how each skill works.

Deployment Phase Skill Name

PH roll MOD

Infiltration Level 0: Inferior Infiltration -6
Infiltration Level 1: Infiltration less than 24” -3
Infiltration Level 1: Infiltration over 24” -6
Infiltration Level 2: Superior Infiltration less than 24” -3
Infiltration Level 2: Superior Infiltration over 24” 0
Impersonation* -3
Impersonation into Enemy DZ* -3
Forward Deployment (all levels) -3
Mechanized Deployment -3

*Roll PH instead of WIP

Airborne Deployment

PH roll MOD

Final MOD with EVO or Controlled Jump

AD1: Parachutist



AD2: Airborne Infiltration



AD3: Inferior Combat Jump



AD4: Combat Jump



AD5: Superior Combat Jump*



ADX: Tactical Jump



*Superior Combat jumpers do not need to place a template on a failed roll.


The objective points in Biotechvore are contested, meaning that by scoring points you simultaneously take them away from your opponent.

Get Out While You Can

While Biotechvore has the same 151/150 sweet spot for Objective points as Annihilation, the priority should switch from killing enemy models to getting friendly troopers out of the zone. Once your friendlies cannot be passively killed without enemy orders being spent to do so, refocus on creating enemy casualties.

Of course, this advice is circumstantial and may be best honored in the breach: for example, sacrificing a friendly to the zone in order to line up a boarding shotgun attack on several vulnerable enemies…

The ‘sweet spot’ tables from our Annihilation breakdown are the same for Biotechvore

Classified Objectives

Biotechvore has 2 classifieds for 1 point instead of Annihilation’s 1 for 2 points. This makes the options for a Major victory a little different. If you’re in the 151/150 sweet spot and the current score is 6-2, you can:

  • Push for 226+ Enemy casualties, for a 6-1 major. From here you only need to match your opponent on classifieds completed to maintain your score.
  • Complete 1 classified for a 7-2. From here you can complete your other classified or push for the extra 75 points of casualties to keep your major victory, depending on what your opponent is able to pull off.

Which one you choose will be a decision that has to be made during the game. You can’t take classified points away from your opponent, so killing your opponent’s specialists before he can complete them might be the key to victory.


A trooper’s private information becomes open when he’s in the Dead state. Take advantage of this rule and keep track of where you are in points killed.


The killed and surviving thresholds do not change based on baggage.  If your enemy has brought troopers with the Baggage skill, keep them closely in mind as you select your targets. Against Tohaa be very aware of Chaksa Auxiliars. See our Annihilation article for a faction by faction breakdown of Baggage availability.


So you’re on the flip side of the sweet spot, losing 2-6, and far enough down in orders that you can’t turn the tables. It’s time to make your faction’s HQ proud and go down swingin’!

Use doctors and paramedics and be tactical about using them; a restored friendly can be as good or better than an enemy casualty.

Complete your classifieds. Your opponent cannot take away the points you score for completing classified objectives. If you can make the score 4-6, you’re sure to get a medal for bravery under fire …though it might be posthumous!

Do not attempt to ‘lure’ your opponent into the Biotechvore area. If your troops are autokilled by the Biotechvore at end of game, they still count as Killed, so a savvy opponent will not follow you into briar patch.


OK, real talk. Bring All The Fireteams for this mission.

Getting Out

Remember in Titanic when Rose is on the floating piece of whatever and Jack is freeze-drowning, and everyone was asking “There’s plenty of room! Why doesn’t he climb up there with her?” Well, Biotechvore players know the answer. There weren’t enough orders to save them both, and sacrifices had to be made.

Your deployment zone is 8”, and the biotechvore area extends 8” beyond that. That means if Jack and Rose both have 4-4 MOV and deploy at the extreme forward edge, and don’t have to dodge or shoot anything, they each need 2 orders minimum to clear the zone. Well, they only generate 2 orders, so one of them gets to eat biotechvore so the other one can survive. Sorry, Jack.

Let’s define some stuff just for discussion purposes:


Impetuous Bikes with Regular Training, Members 3,4 or 5 in each Fire team.
These troopers can save themselves and leave behind an order to save slower troopers.



Anything that moves faster than 8” with a single MOV-MOV action, but needs its own order to do so.
These troopers can save themselves.



Anything that moves slower than 8” with a single MOV-MOV
These troopers cannot exit the zone under their own power, they need at least 1 order from the pool in order to exit.


Do the Math

Start with the list you want to take. Maybe use an Annihilation list that has good classified coverage. Identify your Angels, your Solos, and your Corpses. Bear in mind that troopers like Kum Bikers or Cameronians can be turned from Solos into Angels by using a command token to add their irregular order to the order pool for the turn. Infiltrators and other troopers with deployment skills will be Angels or Corpses depending on the results of their PH rolls.

The Need for Speed

If your list is all Solos and Angels, you’re in great shape. You’ll actually be able to exit the zone on your first turn and might even be able to fight back a little. If you lose 2 orders to a command token, you can use coordinated orders to take up the slack.  If you’re doing ok in the speed department, load up on smoke, white noise, and albedo. Anything that stops those smug enemy snipers from picking your troopers off as they flee the zone will be a good investment.

No Man Left Behind

If your list has at least 1 angel for each Corpse, and the rest are solos, you are also in pretty good shape. You’re going to get shot up, but you can get everyone out of the zone without using coordinated orders.

Somebody’s going to Emergency, Somebody’s going to Jail

If your list has more Corpses than Angels, or worse, more Corpses than Angels + Solos, you’re in for a rough road. You can count on your opponent limiting you to 1 coordinated order, so your math is much darker than it might otherwise be. You are going to have to identify your HI BTS Corpses with with 2 wounds or 3 Structure and leave them behind. They maybe won’t be OK exactly, but they can’t be killed by the biotechvore, and who knows, they might get lucky and pass the roll.

All that just gets you out of the zone, moving in a straight line, with no one shooting at you. Which brings us to….


Yeah, you’re going to go second.

Even if it means deploying first and going second.  The advantage of being able to snipe at your opponent as he is forced to make desperate Mov+Mov actions just to clear the biotechvore area is huge. On top of that, you control the final turn. There’s just no question that you want to go second.

If your opponent is playing without fireteams, spend your token to limit him to one coordinated order and your army is as close to a turn of immortality as happens in Infinity.

If you end up with the first turn, you will need to take some risks, potentially even identifying troopers to leave in the biotechvore area for a turn so that you can get as many troopers out as possible. Strap your helmet on tight and pray that the old adage is on your side: Fortune favors the bold…



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