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  1. mittenninja says:

    21 total saves by attacking one Kum with MA4. If you use MA5 you will only get 4 attacks total (one against each kum), MA4 will allow for 7 attacks against a single Kum.


  2. the Comlog says:

    Interesting! Why doesn’t the burst bonus apply to MA5?


    1. mittenninja says:

      Because your burst is always equal to the burst of your opponent with MA5.


  3. Foster says:

    72- Ma5 allows for a single attack against all enemies Engaged, plus burst bonus. 4x Kum times (1 + 5 engage bonus) attacks each times 3 wounds a hit = 4x6x3.

    Ma5 *also* allows for burst to equal your opponents on your reactive turn.


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