Community Profile: Claudius Sol


What’s your name? Bryant Vichainarong
What’s your forum nickname? Claudius Sol
Where do you live? Charleston SC
What non-Infinity games do you play? (tabeltop, video games, phone games, anything) Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Rainbow Six, Overwatch, Phantasy Star Online, Guildball
What’s your first sci-fi memory? Ultraman and/or Mobile Suit Gundam
How do you describe your hobbies to non-gamers? Awesome nerd things
Are you into music? What kind? Yes, Jazz, Chill Hop, Classical (Romantic era), classical guitar, EDM, pop, orchestral, Hans Zimmer, Jpop/Kpop, and I’m sure others.
You get to cast your favorite character in the Infinity movie. Who is it, and who will you cast in the role? I get to cast Toshiro Mifune as Musashi? Sweet.
If you could choose 1 element of science fiction technology or society and make it real today, what would you choose? Mecha, all of it.
Do you speak or read Spanish? Laughably
Favorite non-sci-fi book? Mistborn

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