HIGH NOON: Episode 1, Shaolin vs Riot

In HIGH NOON, we present a 1-order battle report. For this episode, a Yu Jing player is suffering from Loss of Lieutenant and has 1 regular order left in his final turn. His desire is to Control mission objective T with his Hac Tao, and leave the Riot Grrl engaged with a Shaolin Monk.

He is hoping to eave the Riot Grrl unable to act against the Hac Tao in the game’s final turn, which will belong to the Nomads.

A Riot Grrl is protecting the objective. She is in the Suppressive Fire state, but has perhaps been deployed a bit too far away from the objective…



Following the Order Expenditure Sequence:


Step 1: Activation

The active player declares that he will spend 1 regular order and 1 command token to activate both the Shaolin Monk and the Hac Tao with a Coordinated Order. He nominates the Hac Tao as Spearhead.

Normally, a Hac Tao and Shaolin Monk could not participate in the same Coordinated Order, because they do not share the same Training. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. Due to the effects of Loss of Lieutenant, the Hac Tao is considered Irregular

Two enemies have activated within the Riot Grrl’s Zone of Control. She would gain an ARO against each, however, the rules of Coordinated Orders limit her reaction to only 1. She will not declare her ARO until step 4.

Step 2: Order Expenditure

The Yu Jing player removes his final order marker from his pool pile and places it with his spent orders, or removes it from the table.


Step 3: Declaration of First Skill

The Yu Jing player announces that the Hac Tao and Shaolin Monk will both declare a Move action. He measures and places them.

Step 4: Declaration of AROs

The Nomad player has a difficult choice to make. His Riot Grrl has only 1 ARO, and is faced with the potential of BS attacks, Hacking attacks, and being Engaged. All he knows for sure is that the Yu Jing player’s next declaration must be the same for both the Hac Tao and the Shaolin Monk.

The Riot Grrl could declare a BS attack against the Shaolin Monk. She could also declare Dodge or Reset.

The Nomad player considers what he believes the Yu Jing player wants. He knows that controlling the objective is a high priority. He cannot interfere with the Hac Tao making contact with the objective, and as this is the Yu Jing player’s final order, he gambles that the Hac Tao will not attack. This means that the Shaolin Monk cannot attack either.

The Riot Grrl declares a BS Attack against the Shaolin Monk, using Suppressive Fire.


Step 5: Declaration of the Second Skill

The Nomad player’s gamble pays off. As tempting as it would be to declare an unopposed hacking program, the Yu Jing player goes for the objective. He declares that the Hac Tao will continue moving and arrive in base contact with the objective.

The Yu Jing player had hoped to lure the Riot Grrl into a dodge or reset, allowing the Monk to walk into  base contact, causing the Riot Grrl and the Monk to become engaged in CC. No plan survives contact with the enemy however, and the Shaolin Monk’s chances of surviving are slim. Nevertheless, her shots could miss, so the Shaolin is placed in base contact with the Riot Grrl.

Step 6: Declaration of AROs

In this phase, both players check to see if new AROs are granted by the final positions of the Yu Jing troopers. There are none, so play proceeds.


Step 7: Resolution

The Riot GRRL measures range. The entirety of the Shaolin Monk’s movement is so close it’s probably not necessary to actually get the tape measures out. The range MOD of 0 for suppressive fire within 16″ is applied to the Riot GRRL’s BS attribute of 13.  She rolls 16, 10, and 7: 2 hits.

Step 8: Effects

The Shaolin Monk must roll ARM twice against DAM 13 Shock. The Yu Jing player rolls 5 and 19. Even with the Monk’s ARM MOD of 1, the roll of 5 is unsuccessful. The effects of Shock are applied and the Monk is removed from the table.


Step 9: Conclusion

There are no Guts rolls to make, as the only trooper who was hit was killed.

The Yu Jing Player’s turn ends.

Thank you to Vyo and Toadchild for their art contributions and Marker Creator, respectively. Both resources were used heavily to make this report.

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