NOTE: ITS Season 8 Post

Annihilation’s detractors might criticize it for being ‘simple’ but let’s be honest: when was anything in Infinity as simple as it seems?

It does tend to play very quickly, and it teaches a really important skill: defensive deployment.

  • Special Rules
  • Things for TOs to Consider
  • Getting a Major Victory
  • How to Stop a Major Victory
  • Key List Elements
  • What to Do When you Win the LT Roll


There are only 2 special rules for Annihilation: Killing and No Quarter.

  • Killing serves to define how to score enemy and friendly casualties.
  • No Quarter has a passive but important function: making sure that the last order counts.


Killed or Dead?

Get out your scissors, because we’re about to split some hairs. ‘Killed’ refers to troopers who are Dead or in a Null state at end of game. ‘Dead’ is just a game state that’s common to all games of Infinity. Read that again. There’s going to be a quiz later.


There is some inconsistency in the application of the terms ‘army points’ and ‘victory points’. The simplest (and based on informal polling) most popular solution is to apply Baggage bonuses Army points and Victory points equivalently. The advantage of this reading is that baggage is a true risk/reward, which it would not be if you applied Baggage only to Victory points. The rest of this post assumes you’ll be playing it that way.

Event Placement

Not a great first round mission. The first round is when you have your highest likelihood of a major skill gap between players, and it’s too simple for a veteran player to get a Major victory against a newbie, while a veteran vs veteran game at the next table might be much more challenging.


All the OPs other than classifieds are contested, meaning that by scoring points you simultaneously take them away from your opponent.

Generally, getting a Major means killing and not getting killed back. You needn’t be obsessed with tabling your opponent without losing a man, there is a sweet spot at 151/150 points killed/surviving:   At 151 points of enemy troops killed, you create a ‘floor’ of 3 to 1. From there, you only need to complete your classified and hold your casualties to no more than 150 for an 8-2 major victory.

Your priority should be to kill enemy troopers first, since that scores points for you and denies the enemy his precious resource: Orders.

Kill Specialists

If your opponent completes his classified, the sweet spot pushes from 151/150 to 250/251 in order to score a 9-3 or 10-2 Major victory.

Enemy casualties Your OP Enemy OP for survival
50 or less 0 4
51-74 0 3
75-150 1 3
151-225 3 1
226-250 3 0
251+ 4 0
Your Surviving points Your OP Enemy OP for Kills
Less than 50 0 4
51-74 0 3
75-150 1 3
151-225 3 1
226-250 3 0
251+ 4 0


A trooper’s points cost stops being private information when he’s killed (removed from the table). Take advantage of this rule and keep track of where you are in points killed.


The killed and surviving thresholds do not change based on baggage.  If your enemy has brought troopers with the Baggage skill, keep them closely in mind as you select your targets. Against Tohaa be very aware of Chaksa Auxiliars.

Army Name AVA Total Points
Panoceania Mulebots 2 56
Military Orders Mulebots 2 56
Acontecimento Mulebots 2 56
NCA Mulebots 2 56
Yu Jing Yaopu Pangguling 2 56
JSA Yaopu Pangguling 2 56
ISS Yaopu Pangguling 2 56
Nomads Salyut Zonds 2 56
Bakunin Salyut Zonds 2 56
Corregidor Salyut Zonds 1 28
Haqqislam Kameel Remotes 2 56
Qapu Khalki Kameel Remotes 2 56
Hassassins Kameel Remotes 2 56
Ariadna Traktor Muls 2 50
MRRF Traktor Muls 2 50
Caledonia Traktor Muls 2 50
USARF Traktor Muls 2 50
Aleph Probots 2 56
Steel Phalanx Probots 1 28
Combined Army Ikadron Batroids 2 58
Shasvastii Ikadron Batroids 2 58
Morats Ikadron Batroids 2 58
Onyx Force Ikadron Batroids 2 58
Tohaa Chaksa Auxiliars 4 120


Make your opponent spend extra orders for every kill.  Bring doctors and paramedics and be tactical about using them; a restored friendly can be as good or better than an enemy casualty.

Make good use of passive defenses like Minelayers, camouflage, and perimeter weapons. When in doubt, use suppressive fire.


Make sure to cover your classifieds. Baggage is probably worth the risk, especially if you are playing Tohaa or Ariadna.


Go first, and try to complete at least 1 classified on your first turn.

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